Monday, 17 October 2016

Congratulations to Stirling Winners

The DataLab award prizes to the best student internship projects each year and I'm pleased to say that this year Stirling students were both the runner up and the winner. Well done to Leslie Salami, whose project was for Nalanda Technology and to Christopher Lunny, who won for his project for Urban Tide. Here they are accepting their awards:

There is a nice video here where companies and students talk about the DataLab projects.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Summer Projects Completed

Another year of the Stirling Big Data MSc. has passed successfully. The students have now completed their summer dissertation projects and are looking forward to graduation in November. We have had a fabulous set of projects this year covering many aspects of data and analytics. I'm very proud of all of our students. Well done to everyone!

Thanks to the Datalab, many of our students were able to carry out their dissertation project as an internship with a company. I'm pleased to report that quite a few of the students have now been offered jobs at the companies where they carried out their internships.

Here is a little taste of some of the projects. One student analysed data generated by customers as they visited the e-commerce site of the well known childrens' comic, the Beano. Another developed a predictive analytics system to detect when cows were about to give birth. Two students carried out text mining and sentiment analysis projects. One developed a system for spotting children at risk from care report documents. There was a project that analysed live traffic flow data and another that used data from a fitness tracker watch. Some projects involved a lot of programming, such as the project that developed a new method for allowing customers to search in online stores, and some were purely data analytics.

Well, I wish all last year's students the best of luck. It was a real pleasure teaching you all and I look forward to hearing of your continued success in the future.