Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dissertation Projects are Go!

How time flies! Our students have taken their exams and completed the taught part of the programme. The sun is shining and it is dissertation time. Thanks to help from the Datalab, many of our students have paid internships this year in fields as diverse as finance, publishing, retail and even dairy farming! Of our 25 students, 14 have chosen a work placement as part of their dissertation. The students are working in company offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee, gaining valuable exposure to real problems, real data and real work!

Those students who are not on work placements are carrying out project that are either of their own design, or are part of the exciting research that takes place at the University. These projects involve designing new ways for online stores to allow customers to search for products, new machine learning algorithms and new ways of detecting human behaviour from activity watches.


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